"One year ago today, I began my journey back to health.

For many years I was an avid runner and bootcamper.  In fact, fitness had always been part of my life.  Early in my 40s, that regime abruptly stopped.  Suddenly, there were reasons I did not trust my body anymore.  My anxiety grew and I became afraid to push myself.  Tied up in a myriad of emotions, I walked away from the one thing that made me feel powerful:  exercise.

Just over a year ago my body decided it would have no more of this.  All the subtle signs that I had given up on it began to speak with full force – culminating in a back injury that made me feel much older than I was.  As bad as it was, I wondered how I could turn around when I had gone so far down the wrong road?

Luckily my husband, Ian, had been seeing Dr. David Olsen from Edgemont Chiropractic for years and had high praise for his work.  Me?  I was terrified of chiros, but desperate to be able to walk comfortably again, I went to see him.  Dr. O immediately put me at ease.  He honored all of my boundaries and within a few quick sessions had me back in working order.  He suggested that I try the Back Smart Program, coordinated by Edgemont Chiropractic and It’s Time Fitness.  After a Functional Movement Screen, I was put on a manageable program where I slowly started to use those muscles that had been dormant for years.

After several weeks of gentle training, I realized how much I enjoyed the routine and started to feel brave enough to move forward train with Brianna. Taking tentative steps, I would meet with Bri two times a week.  In that time, she would gently lead me back down the right road, always with an understanding of how to balance what my body needed with building my confidence around exercise again.  I was consistent and gradually I could feel my power start to emerge again – I was willing to risk in order to live a stronger, healthier life.

Every time I walked in the gym, I felt welcomed.  I was never pressured to do more or be more than I was at that moment.  Sheila’s philosophy of “taking people from where they are” resonates in the gym and the clients have a high degree of success because of it.  Bri, Andrea, Dave, Jess, Christina and Sheila all have the right touch:  they know how to connect with each person that walks through their door.

Now a year later, I have turned 50 and am stronger than I have ever been.  I look forward, not back and can honestly say that I trust my body again.  Regular visits to Dr. O and training at It’s Time has given me the tools to go into the next part of my journey with strength and confidence – and for that I am truly grateful."

– Tracey

"About 10 years ago I was resigned to having chronic back pain – “just getting older” I thought (I was in my late 40’s).

Luckily, I mentioned this to my GP on one visit – he instantly said that was not the case and I should go to and see Dr. Olson.  I knew very little about Chiropractic care but made an appointment to check it out.  I walked out after that initial treatment with no pain – for the first time in years.  The treatment plan Dr. Olson developed for me got me “back” to living the active life I love – and still keeps me going today!  If you’re having any kind of pain from your muscles, bones – even headaches, I highly recommend Dr. Olson at Edgemont Chiropractic."

– David T.

"Dr. Olson is absolutely hands down the best chiropractor!

He takes the time to clearly explain what my injury is, possible causes of the injury, what it takes to treat it, and preventive measures onward. Thank you so much Dr. Olson!"

– Elvina L.

"Dr. Olson is very caring, always knows how to heal you.

Keep up the good work doc."

Judy O.

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